Toddler Water Wall

For some time I have been admiring the DIY Water Wall found at TinkerLab. Her fantastic instructions made it look so easy. I had a fence, a water source close by and several plastic bottles – perfect to make a toddler water wall!

It was a hot day and Adam and my niece had been playing in the paddling pool most of the morning.

Adventures of Adam toddler paddling pool

Adventures of Adam toddler padling pool fun

It was perfect timing to make the water wall. With the instructions found on TinkerLab we set to work.

Problem 1) It is the first time I have noticed our fence is not flat – it is slatted. The bottles wouldn’t therefore lay flush to the fence. However, there was a small area where the bottle came into contact with the fence so it was still possible.

Problem 2) It appears we do not own a drill. Grandad normally rescues us with DIY issues so we haven’t purchased one yet. We have several screwdrivers so it would have to be a manual job.

Problem 3) We also don’t own any screws! Despite having around 20 screwdrivers of varying sizes there wasn’t a screw in sight in the garage. A quick phonecall to Nana solved the issue.

Problem 4) As soon as the children saw I was busy they wanted to investigate! Screwdrivers + hammers + scissors = children magnet.

After a lot of experimenting we managed to get two bottles attached to the wall before Adam and Beth wanted to test the water wall out.

Adventures of Adam toddler water wall

Whilst the children were distracted with lunch I added two more bottles.

Adventures of Adam water wall for toddlers

It didn’t take Beth long to discover that you could rearrange the bottles.

Adventures of Adam rearranging the water wall

The plan is to extend the water wall throughout the summer.

Adventures of Adam toddler water wall

I wonder how big our water wall will become!


UPDATE: Read about the latest development with our toddler water wall here.



* Plastic bottles

* Fence

* A drill is best although we managed with a hammer and a screwdriver

* Screws

* Water

* We used a washing up bowl to collect the water

* Containers to pour the water


Adam was 2 years old.



  1. Tin Box Traveller says

    I love this idea. My 15 month old is crazy for water games – we’ll have to start saving our bottles! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Emma Edwards says

      I was surprised how quickly we collected our bottles. Tip – Diet Coke bottles have a better top!

  2. Susanne Remic (@Ghostwritermumm) says

    I LOVE your water wall! We started one last year and decided to go all ‘high tec’ with pipes etc but never got around to finishing! I will have to get it done soon so that the kids can play while I just sit :)
    x x

  3. Let kids be kids says

    Fantastic, I love that. Loads of fun, learning and play.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • Emma Edwards says

      It’s a shame this week it has turned into a rain gauge with the amount of rain we have had but Adam is still having lots of fun with it.

  4. Cerys from Rainy Day Mum says

    Fantastic I haven’t made a water wall before but you’ve inspired me as we have a lot of plastic bottles saved and now have the space.

    Thanks for supporting Tuesday Tots every week. Just to let you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum this week.

    • Emma Edwards says

      We are over the moon to be featured on Tuesday Tots. We are huge fans of Rainy Day Mum and Tuesday Tots! Thank you


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