Snowman zip-lock bag – Day 50 Toddler Play Challenge

The Snowman zip-lock bag is an easy activity to set up. I was hesitant to use shaving foam in a zip-lock bag again after our Day 13 incident but was armed with lots of sellotape.

I filled a zip-lock bag up with shaving foam and inside placed an orange triangle made from foam sheet. I closed the bag and then covered all of the edges with selloptape. For the snowman’s eyes and mouth I coloured in small black circles on a sticky label and stuck them on the outside of the zip-lock bag.

The idea of the activity is that they use their finger to move around the shaving foam in order to put the snowman’s nose in the correct place. This is a quick activity to help with their fine motor skills.

Adventures of Adam toddler play snowman zip-loc bag

Unfortunately Adam didn’t actually have much time to do this activity. In between drumming with his cousin Beth, visiting the doctor’s, nap time, picking his older cousin Stevie up from school and a visit to Great-Nanny Edna Adam only briefly looked at the snowman. So although there are no photos of Adam trying to find the snowmans nose in the shaving foam we get to look at my beautiful niece instead.


Inspired by Fun Family Crafts. 



Ziploc Heavy Duty Freezer Bags (affiliate link)

* Shaving foam

* Stickers

* Sellotape


Adam was 19 months old.


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    Love this idea. I’ve shared this on Facebook with my readers as lots of them have toddlers and some don’t really care for messy play. I bet the feeling of he shaving cream in the bag feels cool to the touch and soothing.


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