Plastic Egg Guttering Fun

We are excited to be taking part in our first Creative Challenge for Kids hosted by TinkerLab.


This months key supply is the egg. “Children are invited to make, build, experiment with and tinker with eggs. While adults are welcome to facilitate and play along, the process and results are up to the child.

I was interested to see what Adam would do if I gave him a plastic egg sensory bin and left him to it. We were in the garden so he had access to the equipment that is left outside – Tuff Spot Tray (affiliate link), trays, paint brushes, chalk, water, guttering, cars, garage, tractor and trailer and some kitchen utensils.

Adventures of Adam Easter sensory bin

The sensory bin contained two sizes of plastic eggs, two sizes of chicks (as a teacher you soon have a vast collection of these each Easter!) and yellow and green shredded tissue paper.

Adventures of Adam Plastic egg drop

Adam’s first reaction was to get the basket I had left on the back door step. He took out each egg one by one, opened them up and placed the two halves in the basket.

Adventures of Adam plastic egg sensory bin

He was surprised to find a chick inside one egg.

Adventures of Adam Easter sensory bin

The basket was nearly full so I waited to see Adams reaction.

Adventures of Adam Easter sensory bin

He dropped the last egg in and ran over to the playhouse and started moving the tractor to one side. I assumed he was onto the next activity but he proved me wrong. He was getting the guttering out. For the past few days he has played non-stop with the guttering we have inside. He spends ages dropping his cars down one at a time and then attempts to pick all the cars up at once to bring them back. Not an easy task when he attempts it with 10 cars!

Adam had made the link that the plastic eggs would also fit down the guttering. He pulled it towards me and signed ‘help’. I put the guttering on a chair and watched as Adam pushed the eggs down one by one.

Adventures of Adam Guttering with plastic eggs

Adventures of Adam Plastic egg guttering

Adventures of Adam Plastic Egg Guttering Fun

I couldn’t get him interested in wearing the bunny ears though – despite wearing them all the way round the supermarket!

Adventures of Adam Bunny ears

I am looking forward to more TinkerLab Creative Challenges to see how Adam’s thought processes change and develop over time.  Age is certainly not a barrier in letting children develop their own experiments with everyday objects.



shredded tissue paper


plastic eggs

Adventures of Adam HG friendly play activity

Adam was 22 months old.

Check out the #creativechallenge for more fun egg ideas




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  1. says

    Love this idea & I bet the plastic eggs will be reduced on Monday, so I’ll stock up for next year! Thanks for joining in the Outdoor Play Party.

  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says

    Guttering is a great idea to roll the eggs down. We used to use some in our indoor play barn for balls, kids spend hours watching them fall down. Some lovely Easter activities for Adam, thank you for sharing on country Kids.

  3. says

    Aww, it is so lovely watching children play and seeing them make connections. This is a great Easter activity. Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party

  4. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love sensory bins and love the additional activity with the piping! We are having an Easter BBQ play date this year and this would be a great addition to the activities I plan to set up!


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