Ladybug push and drop – Day 83 Toddler Play Challenge

I have been collecting plastic bottle top lids since the beginning of the play challenge. It is amazing how many things you can collect in a short period of time. I saw a use for them on Crafts By Amanda and knew I had to make them.

Adam has a milk intolerance so all the milk bottle tops were soaked overnight in Milton as well as being washed straight after use.

For a great tutorial on how to make the ladybugs go to Crafts By Amanda. However, as I am not very good with a paint brush or using acrylic paints I decided to use a black permanent marker pen and super glue googly eyes. The ladybugs were fairly quick to draw but gluing did take a little longer. I still managed to get covered in super glue.

To store the lady bugs I used a recycled Vanish Oxi Action container. I turned it into a large ladybug by repeated the same steps above. I left the lady bugs to dry overnight.

We were at Nana’s the next day. Her floor is perfect for pushing ladybug milk tops along!

We did attempt to get Adam to push one ladybug at a time but he preferred to use his hand to push several at once.

He then moved on to dropping the lady bugs into the large ladybug.

Adam is great at tidying up as he doesn’t stop until every ladybug had been found.

There was just enough space to close the lid.

Unfortunately the super glue didn’t work as well as I had expected. Some of the googly eyes came off with a little toddler force. I had planned on using the ladybugs as a Busy Box activity but they are not safe for independent play. Perhaps that is why Crafts By Amanda used acrylic paint for a reason!



* Milk container lids

* Googly eyes

* Black permanent marker pen

* Super glue

* Container with screw on lid


Adam was 21 months old.




  1. Ali says

    What a super idea, I want my own ladybug lid. We might have a go at this today, we just need to get some googly eyes. #alphabetphoto

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