Fridge Car Track

As soon as I saw the DIY play magnets activity on Laughing Kids Learn blog I knew it would be perfect for Adam.  We have several peg puzzles that Adam is beginning to out grow. His favourite one is transport related but as he has completed it several times the puzzle has been pushed to the back of the shelf. Instead of putting it into storage I decided to recycled the pieces to create a Fridge Car Track.

Adventures of Adam making fridge car track

My only concern about recycling the puzzle pieces was that the magnets could scratch my fridge door. However, the solution came when I was in the 99p Store. I spotted a pack of self adhesive pre-cut stickers in the style of a racing track – perfect to protect my fridge door from being scratched by the magnets and added an extra dimension to the play.

picMagnets (8)

Putting the stickers on the fridge was simple and instantly made the fridge colourful and a great invitation to play. I already had some self adhesive magnetic tape from my teaching days so the activity took 5 minutes in total to set up.

Adventures of Adam magnet car track

Adam’s immediate reaction was to shout “wow”. He counted the cars and told me the colour of each one. Adam laughed when I showed him the cars could come off of the track and back on again and that he could move them around. That was all it took. He was hooked.

Adventures of Adam toddler fridge car track

I can tell our Fridge Car Track is here to stay for some time!

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Recycled peg puzzle pieces

Self adhesive pre-cut stickers

Self adhesive magnetic tape


Adam was 2 years and 2 months old.



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