Farmyard theme party food: Sweet Treats

This is the second post about Adam’s birthday farmyard theme party food. It is dedicated to the sweet treats – and there were plenty! You can read previous posts about our #MorrisonsMum shopping experience, the outdoor party games we played and the pig themed party food.

Rabbit cupcakes (milk free)

As Adam is milk intolerant he can only eat dairy free food. Luckily with the help of soya butter he can still enjoy most cakes. I had previously purchased the rabbit cupcake holders from Tesco in their reduced Easter range which were perfect to make dairy free rabbit cupcakes.

Adventures of Adam rabbit cupcakes

Adventures of Adam Bunny party food

Terracotta cupcakes (milk free)

Having seen the flower pot cupcakes on The Imagination Tree we wanted to use the idea for the party. Finding small terracotta pots proved difficult. We found several types of plastic pots in the half a dozen garden centres we visited and large teracotta pots but nothing small enough. We had to opt for slightly larger pots in the end – but then it provided more cake! We used lavender and forget-me-knots from Nana’s garden and didn’t add chocolate to represent the mud to keep it dairy free for Adam to enjoy. The Imagination Tree has great birthday party theme ideas including bunny, doctors and a fairy birthday party – definitely worth a visit for lots of inspiration.

Adventures of Adam flower pot cup cakes

Carrot cake cows and tractors (milk free)

Nana made carrot cake as the base for the cows and tractors. As the recipe uses oil it was milk free. Nana mixed sugar, flour, bicarbonate of soda, mixed spice and orange zest with eggs, oil and grated carrot.

Adventures of Adam carrot cake mixture

The mixture was divided into small cake loaf tins and cooked in the oven for 20 minutes at gas mark 4.

Adventures of Adam carrot cake cows

To make the cows Nana used white and black icing. The cows were placed on a slate board and milk bottle top sweets were added.

Nana made three types of tractors – John Deere, Massey Ferguson and New Holland for each of the children.

Adventures of Adam tractor cakes

Adam and his cousin have a thing about tractors! Oreo biscuits were used for the large tractor wheels, liquorice disks for the smaller wheels and liquorice the other parts.

The fruit basket

Whilst shopping at Morrisons we discovered a delicious looking box of strawberries.

Adventures of Adam Morrisons strawberries

Not only were the strawberries the same price as a traditional punnet, the box would also look great as part of the display. To the fruit garden we added rows of red and green grapes.

Adventures of Adam fruit basket party food

Adam’s t-shirt and birthday cake

Adam has a very creative Auntie Becky. She kindly made two things for Adam’s birthday party. Auntie Becky has a new business venture of hand stitched personalised T-shirts for children. You can find out more about her T-shirts at Bitsy Boo Broidery.

Adventures of Adam Bitsy Boo T-shirt

As Adam rarely stands still I love how Auntie Becky added the number 2 to the back of the T-shirt. This is the usual view you get of Adam!

Not only did Auntie Becky make Adam a t-shirt but also his birthday cake. Adam loves Mr Tumble so she created him a Mr Tumble bag dairy free birthday cake. We had a little trouble lighting the candles outside due to the wind (a blow torch was needed) but the cake was delicious!

Adventures of Adam Mr Tumble birthday cake

The next post will cover the chicks, sheep and ducks and Adam’s reaction to his birthday party.

Disclaimer: I received vouchers as part of the #MorrisonsMum campaign to spend in store so that I could blog about my Morrisons experience and about my Bank Holiday weekend! All the views are mine and mine alone.

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