Fabric Tissue Box – Day 16 Toddler Play Challenge

I have had some of Adams old bibs laying around for some time but couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I couldn’t think what I could use them for though. After a bit of googling I discovered I could cut them into squares and put them into a tissue box. Then instead of emptying my tissue box and throwing tissues across the floor in a matter of seconds, Adam could take out the fabric squares.

When I gave the activity to Adam he looked at me suspiciously as if to say “but you are always taking these boxes away from me”.

He got the hang of it immediately and actually preferred stuffing the fabric back into the box.

My tissues are safe at last!


UPDATE: The fabric squares and tissue box have been added to one of Adams Busy Boxes. He likes to do this activity in his high chair because he enjoys throwing the fabric over the edge onto the floor. Easy to clean up afterwards – although he enjoys cleaning up as he gets to put them back into the tissue box.


Inspired by Tinker Lab – check out the skills that this activity can develop in your child. Amazing!


Preparation time based on if you already have fabric squares.



* Fabric squares or old fabric

* Tissue box

Adventures of Adam HG friendly play activity

Adam was 18 months old.




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